Lucica und ihre Kinder

Lucica and her children

Being a single mum, with her husband deported after a prison sentence, Lucica (29), Romni from Romania, is trying to build a better future for herself and her six children in Germany. This means continuous challenges and worries in everyday life. The film follows Lucica and the children closely. But closeness raises expectations, between the protagonist and the filmmaker. Lucica and Her Children is a film about "poverty migration", about giving and taking, and at the same time a film about filmmaking.

Director's Biography
Bettina Braun
Born in Hamburg in 1969, Bettina is a director of documentary films for cinema and television. She
is a founding member of LaDOC-Women Filmmakers’ Network, Cologne, and teaches filmmaking in Germany and abroad. Awards (selection): Grimme Award Spezial, Hermine Albers Media-Award of German Youth Welfare, Award of the Province of NRW, Phoenix Documentary Award, Film+ Editing Award, Audience Award/Duisburger Filmwoche.

Film Selection: Lucica und ihre Kinder (Lucica and Her Children, 2018, doc) — Nordstadtkinder – Stefan (2015, doc short) — Nouhaila – Ich boxe! (2014, doc short) — Wo stehst du? (2011, doc)
 — Nick&Tim (2009, doc short)
 — Was du willst (2008, doc short; CE’09) 
— Was lebst du? (2004, doc, CE’05)
European Panorama Documentary 2018
Bettina Braun
Germany 2018
90 minutes
German / English / Romani / Romanian
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Bettina Braun
Cinematography Beate Scherer, Jennifer Günther
Editing Gesa Marten, Bettina Braun
Producer(s) Bettina Braun
B’Braun Produktion
World Premiere
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere