Two young women, two stories. A rapper in Dakar and a wrestler in southern Senegal: Toussa and Emodj. They both strive for victory and recognition in male-dominated spheres and a patriarchal society. A battle with words and visionary lyrics for a better society, and a fight with hard physical training for victory in the arena. MANE – “Me” in the language Wolof – tells a modern, positive and forward-thinking story of two young women and their universal truth: Only we ourselves can bring about change, out of our own ambition and will.

Director's Biography
Sandra Krampelhuber, born in Linz, is a cultural anthropologist with a degree from the University of Vienna, a cultural manager, festival curator and filmmaker. Her documentaries have been selected for a wide range of international film festivals.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Mane (2020, doc) - Accra Power (2016, mid-length doc, Krampelhuber & Andrea Verena Strasser) - 100% Dakar – More Than Art (2014, doc; CE’14) - Queens of Sound (2006, doc; CE’06)
Local Artists 2021
Sandra Krampelhuber
Austria / Senegal 2020
55 minutes
Wolof / Diola / French
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Sandra Krampelhuber
Cinematography Jean Diouf, Michel Tsagli
Editing Karam Al-Ghossein
Music Astou Gueye, Konstantin Altreiter, Shash Records
Producer(s) Sandra Krampelhuber
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Stlouis'Docs 2020