Mein Hosenschlitz ist offen. Wie mein Herz.

The zip of my pants is open. Like my heart.

Language barriers, the munchies, or the wrong sex toy: On the path to lust, even Thea’s erotic daydreams hold many obstacles.

Director's Biography
Marie Louise Lehner (*1995) studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Film Academy Vienna. She lives and works in Vienna and Linz. Parallel to her work as an author and filmmaker, she is also a member of the feminist punk band Schapka.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Mein Hosenschlitz ist offen. Wie mein Herz. (The zip of my pants is open. Like my heart., 2022) - Geh Vau (Sexual Intercourse, 2018; CE'19) - Squirten - Schapka (2017; CE'18) - Don't Fck With The Diva* (2017, with Amber Jenner, Liesa Kovacs; CE'18)
Local Artists 2022
Marie Luise Lehner
Austria 2022
28 minutes
German / English / Russian / Korean
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Marie Luise Lehner
Cinematography Simone Hart
Editing Jana Libnik
Sound/Sounddesign Flora Rajakowitsch, Victoria Grohs,
Music Dacid Go8lin, Tami T
With Miriam Weiss, Anna Wolkig, Ekaterina Heider, Hyeji Nam, Mina Strom, Dacid Go8lin, Ezra Sanftsrom
Producer(s) Saskia Arth, Marie Luise Lehner
Austrian Rights