Milch und Honig - Stephan Roiss &&& Dokta G.C

In MILCH UND HONIG (Milk and Honey), the world of advertisements serves as background for the performance and symbol of the spirit of the time that has been hollowed out. The protagonist slips into characters that evoke unequivocal associations with advertising testimonials. Each of these figures is assigned to a scenario. A freewall becomes a screen for various stage sets.

Director's Biography
Anna Margit Erber, geb. 1982 in Schwarzach. Philipp Zappel, geb. 1981 in Linz. // Gem. Filme: MILCH UND HONIG - STEPHAN ROISS &&& DOKTA G.C (2013)
Local Artists 2014
Anna Margit Erber
Austria 2013
4 minutes