Mirabella/Sindelfingen- Rückfahrkarte nach Deutschland

This is a film on European migration, identity and a people lost between two worlds. Mirabella Imbaccari is a village near Catania, in the heart of Sicily, with an antiquated agriculture. Of the official 10.000 inhabitants, only 4.000 live there on a regular basis. 2000 km farther north there is Sindelfingen near Stuttgart, one of the most powerful economic areas in the whole of Europe, home of Mercedes, Porsche and IBM: 60.000 inhabitants, 58.000 jobs. These two places are linked by a regular bus service, because most of the missing 6000 people from Mirabella live in the Sindelfingen area, where they have been working at the Mercedes factory since the 1950’s. Today, three generations later, we discover that they live in an absurd and ambivalent situation.

Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2004
Andreas Pichler
Germany / Italy / Denmark 2001
54 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Andreas Pichler
Cinematography Susanne Schüle
Editing Lars Hesselholdt
Music Massimo Carozzi
filmtank Hamburg GmbH Lippmannstr. 53 22769 Hamburg Deutschland T +49 40 431 86 10