Mothermoon - Mama Stone & The Swang Gang

A hunter goes into a dark forest to kill a werewolf, which was once, before its first transformation, a good friend of his. The monster is actually under the protection of the hunter, but since the werewolf attacked his wife, the hunter has sworn bitter vengeance.

Director's Biography
MAX HAMMEL, geboren 1990 in Gmunden, gründete 2010 die Filmproduktionsfirma infamous pictures und studierte an der ESEC in Paris. // Filme (Auswahl): Leben am seidenen Haken (2013), M31 (2013; CE’14), The Dojo (2015; CE’15), Mothermoon – Mama Stone & The Swang Gang (2015)
Local Artists 2016
Max Hammel
Austria / France 2015
13 minutes