Mülheim Texas - Helge Schneider hier und dort.

Helge Schneider is one of the most extraordinary German artists. Jazz musician, entertainer, film director, actor, and comedian. His exceptional talent is his improvisational skill. “I make the everyday grey colorful,” is what he says about himself. In his world, the fantastic coexists with the ordinary and it is difficult to define the boundaries between reality and fiction. Even in the interaction with his audiences, this element of disguise is used. But how does Helge Schneider react to a filmmaker? It is clear that he is not going to offer his secrets on a silver platter. Where does fiction begin, and where does it end?

Director's Biography
Andrea Roggon, born in 1981, is a German documentary filmmaker. She studied at the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg and the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Cuba. MÜLHEIM TEXAS - HELGE SCHNEIDER HIER UND DORT. premiered at the Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis. // Films (selection): MARKUS IN HIGHHEELS (2004, doc), ICH BIN DAS ZENTRUM DER WELT (I Am the Center of the World, 2005, short doc), REFLEXIONES (2007, short doc), ENRIQUE Y JUDITA (2008, doc), SOY LIBRE (2010, doc), MÜLHEIM TEXAS - HELGE SCHNEIDER HIER UND DORT. (2015, doc)
European Panorama 2015
Andrea Roggon
Germany 2015
88 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Andrea Roggon
Cinematography Petra Lisson
Editing Bernd Euscher (B.F.S.), Natali Barrey (B.F.S.), Julia Karg
Sound/Sounddesign Andreas Hildebrandt, Henning Hein
With Helge Schneider
Producer(s) Ulla Lehmann, Andrea Roggon (AMA FILM) Koproduktion / Co-Production ZDF (DE)
AMA FILM Innerer Nordbahnhof 1c 70191 Stuttgart Germany T +49 711 12 15 53 23 mail@amafilm.de www.amafilm.de