Nacionalni park

National Park

The village of Petrovo Selo is located in the Serbian nature reserve Djerdap. This is the native village of director Dragan Nikolic’s mother, and today it is practically deserted. Only a few weed-infested ruins recall the liveliness of years gone by. Hidden under the lush vegetation of Petrovo Selo lie the traces of a mass grave full of Albanians. For the filmmaker, this sinister, secret place more than 300 kilometres from the border with Kosovo symbolises a society that wants to conceal its violent past and make it disappear forever. He travels back to Petrovo Selo with his mother, trying to uncover the story behind the mass grave. The dark history of a recent war is thus offset by the cheerful childhood memories of a passionate woman. (Dokufest)

Special 2008
Dragan Nikolic
Serbia 2007
27 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Dragan Nikolic
Cinematography Dragan Nikolic
Editing Jovana Krstanovic
Prababa Production Palmira Toljatija 6 11070 Novi Beograd Serbien T +381 64 226 00 09 F +381 19 435 10