Nackte Männer im Wald

Naked Men in the Woods

A complicated marriage: She has a tumor, he is gay, both conceal the fact. The chase is on when she believes that he has an affair.

Director's Biography
Paul Ploberger (*1986, Pasching, Upper Austria) trained acting in Salzburg. In 2011 he was accepted into the directing program at Film Academy Vienna. His focus is on tragicomedical stories.
Films - Selection
Nackte Männer im Wald (Naked Men in the Woods, 2022) - Bier & Calippo (2017; CE'17) - Eisprung mit Papa (2013; CE'14) - Ich hab auch mit Sonja (2013; CE'13)
Local Artists 2022
Paul Ploberger
Austria 2022
30 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Paul Ploberger, Benjamin Kornfeld
Cinematography Patrick Wally
Editing Barbara Seidler
Sound/Sounddesign Julia Willi, Lara Zill
Music Daniel Castoral
With Angelika Niedetzky, David Oberkogler, Julia Edtmeier, Stefano Bernardin, Benjamin Kornfeld
Producer(s) Jakob Widmann, Irma Sperl
World Premiere