Nation Estate

In an undefined future, the entire Palestinian population is housed in a colossal skyscraper. All that remains in the sterile interior is a wishful view of the former homeland. In the stylized form of the science fiction genre and with a precise sense of detail, Nation Estate stages a vertical solution for the independent state of Palestine. (Lotte Schreiber)

Director's Biography
Larissa Sansour, born 1973 in Jerusalem, Israel, studied art in Copenhagen, London and New York. Her interdisciplinary work is a mix of political dialogues and references from film and pop culture, such as sci-fi and horror, with which she tries to break stereotypes about ethnicity. Sansour makes films, installations, graphic novels and sculptures. Her work has been shown worldwide. NATION ESTATE had its world premiere at the Film Festival Rotterdam 2013. // Films (selected): TANK (2003, short), SBARA (2008, short), A SPACE EXODUS (2009, short), NATION ESTATE (2012, short)
Architektur und Gesellschaft | Architecture and Society 2014
Larissa Sansour
Denmark / State of Palestine 2012
9 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Larissa Sansour
Cinematography Jesper Toffner
Editing William Dybeck Sorensen
Sound/Sounddesign Roar Skau Olsen
Music Aida Nadeem