Ničeho nelituji

No Regrets

This work is the result of combining two independent films: a graduation documentary entitled Standard and new material shot for No Regrets. In both, the characters place such confidence in the camera that it ceases to be merely a witness. Indeed, it becomes a family friend in front of which they lose their inhibitions; it even arbitrates their conflicts. While recording intimate family relations, complications rise to the surface with tragic or grotesque consequences. The first part outlines the lives of three generations of women: an abandoned grandmother, her divorced daughter, and her engaged granddaughter. For the first time in years, they set out together on a family trip. On the way, mutual grievances flare up out of the past. In the second part an unconventional woman, her two sons, their wives, and her present partner are resolving similar conflicts...

Panorama Special · Closer View 2004
Theodora Remundová
Czech Republic 2003
83 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Theodora Remundová
Cinematography Jakub Šimunek (Standard), Jirí Lívanec
Editing Zdenek Marek
Music Giuseppe Verdi, Edith Piaf, Antonín Dvorák
With Irena Dittertová, Marcela Stiglerová, Patricie Fialová, Danuš Pánková, Miloš Dokoupil, Marek Panek, Jarmila Pánkowá, Tomáš Pánek
Jiri Ptacek (Koproduktion FAMU) Trojska 606/101 CS-Prag 8 T +42 060 3472872