NLP - Enzo

Sexi, Brutal, Anti. Looking good whilst hitting a wall at 180 km/h–that’s "next level philosophy“. Mushed brain dressed in finest silk by Gianni Versace.

Director's Biography
Felix Sturmberger (*Linz, 1989) produced a bunch of music videos in 2021.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
NLP - Enzo (2021) - Alles weg - FRINC (2021) - Simone - folkshilfe (2020, with Florian Schwarz, David Resch; CE'21) - Amazing - Gospel Dating Service (2018, with Florian Schwarz, Stefan Mayerhofer; CE'19) - NIRWANA - folkshilfe (2018, with David Ruhmer; CE'19)
Local Artists 2022
Felix Sturmberger
Austria 2021
4 minutes
Music Video
Screenplay Felix Sturmberger
Cinematography Florian Schwarz
Editing Philipp Pölz
Music Enzo (Stefan Opeker)
Producer(s) Felix Sturmberger