No Frank in Lumberton

An experimental documentary shot on the sets of David Lynch's film Blue Velvet, ingeniously anticipating Velvet's present-day cult status. Perhaps the most unusual film-about-filmmaking, which instead of the usual behind-the-scenes facts, interviews and anecdotes offers a highly personal, fragmented and surrealistic account of the art and magic of movie making.

Tribute 2005
Peter Braatzs
Germany / USA 1985
57 minutes
Cinematography Harry Rag, Frank-Guido Blasberg
Music Harry Rag, Stefan Wood, Uwe Jahnke, VOOV, Jojo Wolter, Frieder Butzmann, David Lynch
With David Lynch, Isabella Rosselini, Dennis Hopper u.v.a.
Peter Braatz Filmproduktion mit ZDF
Content notes