No Land's Song

In Iran, since the revolution of 1979, women are no longer allowed to sing in public as soloists – at least in front of a male audience. Defying censorship and taboos, the young composer Sara Najafi is determined to organize an official concert for solo female singers. In order to support their fight, Sara and the Iranian singers, Parvin Namazi and Sayeh Sodeyfi, invite three female singers from Paris – Elise Caron, Jeanne Cherhal, and Emel Mathlouthi – to join them in Tehran and collaborate on their musical project, re-opening a musical bridge between France and Iran. Not only do they succeed in singing side-by-side in front of a mixed audience, but they also open a door towards new freedom in Iran.

Director's Biography
Ayat Najafi, born in 1976, is an Iranian interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker. Najafi lives in Tehran and Berlin, Germany, where his theater productions have been staged to great acclaim. FOOTBALL UNDER COVER, the feature documentary he co-directed with David Assmann, was awarded twice at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2008 and received the Prix Europa Iris the year after. No Land’s Song has been screened and awarded internationally. // Films (selection): FOOTBALL UNDER COVER (co-directed by David Assmann, 2008, doc), NO LAND'S SONG (2014, doc)
Competition Documentary 2015
Ayat Najafi
Germany / France 2014
93 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Ayat Najafi
Cinematography Koohyar Kalari, Sarah Blum
Editing Julia Wiedwald, Schokofeh Kamiz
Sound/Sounddesign Sasan Nakhai, Dana Farzanehpour, Julien Brossier
With Sara Najafi, Parvin Namazi, Sayeh Sodeyfi, Elise Caron, Jeanne Cherhal, Emel Mathlouthi
Producer(s) Gunter Hanfgarn (HANFGARN & UFER) KoproduzentInnen / Co-Producers Rouven Rech, Teresa Renn (Torero Film), Anne Grange (CHAZ Productions) Koproduktion / Co-Production Torero Film, Germany (DE), CHAZ Productions (FR)
HANFGARN & UFER Filmproduktion Apostel-Paulus-Straße 6a 10823 Berlin Germany T +49 30 84 85 50 00