A feature-length documentary which crosses a sociological survey with a documentary essay; in its relationship to reality it recalls the poetic perception of Karel Vachek. People chosen at random along the Prague-Brno highway contemplate the infinite and the beginning of the world. The owners of a restaurant reminisce about past political celebrities and praise President Havel. A young hitchhiker talks about his travels, while behind him funeral home workers remove the victim of a car accident. The camera also records the „never-ending“ process of inflating a giant advertising tiger atop an Esso gas station. A raffle organizer speaks somewhat awkwardly about the afterlife while standing above a gutted deer. A cook and various travelers agree that nothing is lost, everything just transforms, and the world flows by „nonstop“.

Closer View · Panorama Special 2004
Jan Gogola Jr.
Czech Republic 1999
102 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Jan Gogola Jr., Kristián Suda
Cinematography Vladan Vála
Editing Zdenek Marek
Music Ruzné Písne
With Menschen an der Autobahn D1
FAMU (in Koproduktion mit Cèská televize) Smetanovo nábreží 2 CS-116 65 Prag 1 T +420 221 197 211