An unadorned three-way love story set within the joyless confines of a Serbian institute for people with mental disabilities, it is an unsparing though enrichingly shot tragedy, and its three young stars, as well as most of the background cast, are learning-disabled residents of the facility in real life. Ivan Ikić (BARBARIANS) turns a documentary style fiction into an engaging narrative that expertly shows that while their circumstances are markedly different in a lot of ways these are teens just like any others. That includes raging hormones and highly emotional reactions. (Jessica Kiang, Marc van de Klashorst)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Oaza (Oasis, 2020) - Varvari (Barbarians, 2014; CE'15) - Tarot Srbija! (Tarot Serbia, 2010, doc)
Competition Fiction 2021
Ivan Ikić
Serbia / Slovenia / Netherlands / France / Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020
123 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Ivan Ikić
Cinematography Miloš Jaćimović
Editing Dragan von Petrovic
Sound/Sounddesign Aleksandar Perović
With Marijana Novakov, Tijana Marković, Valentino Zenuni, Milica Đinđić, Saša Strugar, Marusa Majer, Goran Bogdan
Producer(s) Milan Stojanović, Marija Stojanović, Miha Černec, Derk-Jan Warrink, Koji Nelissen, Adis Đapo, Amra Bakšić Čamo, Antoine Simkine
Sense Production, Kepler Film, Tramal Films, SCCA/Pro.ba, Les Films d’Antoine
World Sales
Heretic Outreach
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Venice International Film Festival 2020