Jazz War - A Portrait Without the Portrayed

Vít Klusák, the director, shoots a film about his father, Emil Viklický - a famous music composer - who refuses to appear in the film. Thus, a portrait without the portrayed emerges. The director finds a double for his father (whom he barely knows) through a classified ad published in the newspaper. The miner Ota Jeneral, who responds to this ad, gets the fathers role.

Closer View · Panorama Special 2004
Vít Klusák
Czech Republic 2001
22 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Vít Klusák
Cinematography Jakub Halousek
Editing Katerina Jerábková
Music Emil Viklický (aus der Oper Faidra)
With Vít Klusák, Emil Viklický, Ota Jeneral (Emil Viklický‘s double), Luboš Kotík, Sylva Cmugrová, František Dolejš, Ivan M. Havel
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