Open Water

Along this process of perception we arrange contrastive topics: nature vs human condition, surveillance & artificial intelligence, and the crisis in the Mediterranean Sea.

Director's Biography
Georg Eckmayr (*1976, Linz) is an artist, author, researcher and lecturer based in Vienna. He specializes in moving imagery, films, and installations in physical space or in the form of coded structures.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Open Water (2021) - False Memory Syndrome (2020) - TWO (2010) - Eine Geometrie der Dauer (2005) - timebased_bodies (2001)
Local Artists 2022
Georg Eckmayr
Austria 2021
11 minutes
Screenplay Georg Eckmayr
Cinematography Georg Eckmayr
Editing Georg Eckmayr
Producer(s) Georg Eckmayr
World Premiere