Oreste Pipolo, Fotografo di Matrimoni

Oreste Pipolo, marriage photographer

For 25 years Oreste Pipolo has been taking photographs of one and the same thing, weddings, in one and the same place, Napoli. In the largest and „oldest“ city in southern Italy, marriage rites pay their respects to tradition (the church, the banquet, the Neapolitan music). At the same time, though, nowadays they are also infiltrated by new mythologies and styles (the cars, the motorcycles, gaudy nylon clothes, disco music).

Tribute · Tribute to Matteo Garrone 2004
Matteo Garrone
Italy 1998
53 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Matteo Garrone
Editing Marco Spoletini
Music Banda Osiris
Carlo Cresto-Dina - Videa Documentary Via Livigno 50 00188 Rom Italien T +39 6 331851 c.cresto-dina@iol.it
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