Two young Albanians, Gheni and Gherti are divided by a deep difference of character. Thanks to the help of their employer, they find a place to sleep at Corrado‘s house. Corrado is a photographer who lives in Parioli, a residential area of Rome. One day Gherti, tired of Gheni‘s behaviour, decides to give up his job and thereafter finds himself in limbo without any goal. Gherti meets Lino who is looking for his wife, whose strange behaviour made him lose his job. The woman, completely mad, vanishes and Lino is afraid that she could be the unidentified body found on the beach. Garrone brilliantly underlines the sad destinies of so many contemporary immigrants. This no-budget feature, with its unobtrusive, fly-on-the-wall camera style, gets right under the skin of the characters it explores with so much fascination and sympathy. Garrone proves once again that he‘s a dedicated realist whose affection for marginalized characters is producing an increasingly interesting body of work in the area of social realism. (David Stratton)

Tribute · Tribute to Matteo Garrone 2004
Matteo Garrone
Italy 1998
78 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Attilio Caselli, Matteo Garrone
Cinematography Marco Onorato
Editing Marco Spoletini
Music Banda Osiris
With Corrado Sassi, Pasqualino Mura, Julian Sota, Llazar Sota, Paolo Sassanelli
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