Otec B.

Village B.

Bišhany is the smallest town in the world with its own football team playing in the nationale league. Mr. Jaroslav Tríska, the head teacher of the small village school with just one class, is an enthusiastic amateur film-maker. He has very clear ideas of how the town should be presented to visitors in a film. He continually advises the camera team on what angle to film from so that the town and its inhabitants are shown in the brightest possible light.

Closer View · Panorama Special 2004
Filip Remunda
Czech Republic 2002
30 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Filip Remunda
Cinematography Martin Matiavec
Editing Matout Outrata, Jakub Voves
Bionaut Rumunská 32 CS-12000 Prag 2 T +420 777 579319 vratislav@bionaut.cz