Ouăle lui Tarzan

Tarzan’s Testicles

By the end, the Institute has become an exemplar of Abkhazia itself, an uncanny microcosm reflecting a jumble of conflicting dichotomies - old and new, scientific and religious, kind and cruel, proud and pitiful, forward-thinking and backward-looking - that can somehow co-exist within the same space, or even the same person. Tarzan's Testicles quietly but forcefully suggests not only that it's possible to live on the front line of the war between such opposing forces, but actually that maybe that's all human beings are: sentient monkeys who somehow developed the ability to live in a state of ongoing paradox. (Jessica Kiang, Variety)

Director's Biography
Alexandru Solomon
Born in Bucharest in 1966, Alexandru Solomon is a director, DOP, producer, university teacher, and director of the One World Romania – Human Rights Documentary Festival. In the early 1990s he was one of the first Romanian directors to focus on the overlooked possibilities of documentary filmmaking. He became known for the political slant of his work, which more than once sparked public debate.

Film Selection: Ouăle lui Tarzan (Tarzan’s Testicles, 2017, doc) — Romania: Four Countries (2015, doc) — Kapitalism – Reteta noastra secret (Kapitalism – Our Improved Formula, 2010, doc) — Apocalypse on Wheels (2008, doc) — Cold Waves (2007, doc) — Clara B. (2006, doc) — Marele jaf comunist (The Great Communist Bank Robbery, 2004, doc)
Competition Documentary 2018
Alexandru Solomon
Romania / France 2017
107 minutes
Russian / Abkhazian
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Alexandru Solomon
Cinematography Radu Gorgos
Editing Sophie Reiter
Sound/Sounddesign Marin Cazacu, Franck Rivolet, Cristinel Șirli
Producer(s) Ada Solomon, Cédric Bonin, Christinel Şirli
HiFilm Production, Seppia
Austrian Premiere
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Transilvania International Film Festival 2017

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere

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