Peaches Does Herself

PEACHES DOES HERSELF follows the musician Peaches through her journey from bedroom wannabe musician to rock star. Through a selection of songs from Peaches's 4 official albums, a mythical biography is told based on the misconceptions surrounding Peaches's image. On the advice of a 65-yearold stripper, Peaches makes music that is sexually forthright. Her popularity grows and she becomes what her fans expect her to be, transsexual. She falls in love with a beautiful shemale but Peaches gets her heart broken and has to realize who she really is. Described as an anti-jukebox musical. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2012.

Director's Biography
PEACHES, born Merrill Nisker in Toronto, Canada, is an iconic musician and performance artist. Known for her gender bender provocation, she has inspired and shaped the mainstream into a more inclusive and sexually progressive surrounding. Her albums include The Teaches of Peaches (2000), Fatherfucker (2003), Impeach My Bush (2006) and I Feel Cream (2009). Peaches recently focused on theatrical production. In PEACHES CHRIST SUPERSTAR, she directed and performed the complete musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” as a one-woman show. PEACHES DOES HERSELF is her first feature film.


European Panorama Documentary 2013
Germany 2012
80 minutes
Screenplay Peaches
Cinematography Robin Thomson
Editing Robin Thomson
Sound/Sounddesign Cornelius Rapp
Music Peaches
With Peaches, Danni Daniels, Sandy Kane, Mignon, Sweet Machine Band, Jolly Goods, The Fatherfucker Dancers
I U She Productions Berlin Germany