Peterka: Leto odlocitve

Peterka: Year of Decision

This documentary about Primo Peterka is a living film monument to the young champion and his decision to find his way back to the top; however, it is also a film about a young man and his maturing. It shows a year in the life of Primo Peterka, one of the greatest Slovenian champions and idols, twice the winner of the Ski Jumping World Championship. In the year that presented the young sportsman with so many decisive moments - the attempt to establish himself again in the sport, the birth of a child, creating a new home... - we follow his activities, his thoughts and emotions. (Vlado Škafar)

European Panorama 2004
Vlado Škafar
Slovenia 2003
120 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Vlado Škafar
Cinematography Simon Tanšek, Marko Kocevar
Editing Vlado Škafar
With Primo Peterka, Renata Bohinc, Matja Zupan, Robert Kranjec, Uroš Peterka
Gustav Film d.o.o. Petkovškovo nabreje 17 1000 Ljubiljana Slowenien T +386 41 688798
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