Playing Men

At a time when men are under fire globally, this irresistible film provides a breath of fresh air. It’s about playing, about the beauty of the game and the men that play it. They play, deadly seriously, yet with airy joy somewhere by the Mediterranean. Wrestling, rolling a cheese through village streets or the rapid-fire reciting of the right numbers are occupations of the highest importance. Matjaž Ivanišin shot everything with serious lightness until he hit a creative block. Reconstructing a recent sporting event, Croat Goran Ivanišević’s win at Wimbledon in 2001, put his project back on track. That’s how a game should be played, won and celebrated. (International Film Festival Rotterdam)

Director's Biography
Matjaž Ivanišin
Born in 1981, Matjaž Ivanišin is a  writer and director. His short films  made during his studies at the Slovenian national film school as  well as his mid-length documentaries which he directed after his  graduation in 2007 were screened  and awarded at numerous festivals.  He is currently shooting his first  fiction feature film.

Films Selection: Playing Men (2017, doc)  —  Vsaka dobra zgodba je  ljubezenska zgodba   (Every Good Story Is a Love Story,  2017, doc, with Rajko Grlić) —  Hiške (Houses, 2014, mid-length  doc, with Darko Sinko) —  Karpopotnik   (Karpotrotter, 2013, mid-length  doc) 
Cinema Next Europe 2018
Matjaž Ivanišin
Slovenia / Croatia 2017
60 minutes
Italian / German / Croatian / Slovenian
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Matjaž Ivanišin
Cinematography Gregor Božič
Editing Matic Drakulić
Sound/Sounddesign Ivan Antic
Producer(s) Marina Gumzi, Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser
Nosorogi, Restart
Austrian Premiere
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
FID Marseille 2017

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere