Primo amore

First Love

Primo amore is a story about the inability to love; it’s the story of a man who’s the victim of his own instincts, the author of his own downfall. Vittorio is an agitated and restless man; he only manages to love a woman when she completely fits his aesthetic criteria; namely being extremely thin. Sonia is a young girl who works as a social volunteer, and she understands her role in society. Yet, in an almost inexplicable way, she is attracted by Vittorio’s dark side. The meeting between Sonia and Vittorio will slowly bring her to the edge of the abyss; treading a tragic and inevitable path. From the novel „Il Cacciatore di Anoressiche“ by Carlo Mariolini.

Tribute to Matteo Garrone · Tribute 2004
Matteo Garrone
Italy 2004
100 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Matteo Garrone, Vitaliano Trevisan
Cinematography Marco Onorato
Editing Marco Spoletini
Music Banda Osiris
With Michela Cescon, Vitaliano Trevisan, Roberto Comacchio
Fandango Via Ajaccio, 20 00198 Rom Italien T +39 06 85354026