Quality Time

Demian has a hangover, Ida a heartache, Pichler wants to have a good time. They drive through the winter landscape in a red convertible, together yet alone with themselves.

Director's Biography
Sophia Hochedlinger (*1996, Upper Austria) lives and works in Vienna. She has been making films as a screenwriter, director, and editor ever since she began her studies at the University of Arts Linz.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Quality Time (2021) - Offen (2021; CE'22) - Rudern (2020; CE'20)
Local Artists 2022
Sophia Hochedlinger
Austria 2021
16 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Sophia Hochedlinger, Isa Schieche
Cinematography Michael Seidl
Editing Sophia Hochedlinger
Sound/Sounddesign Viktoria Pflüglmayer
Music Ånsgar, Filonas Baschant, Gabriel Pointner
With Levin Hofmann, Tobias Aurelius Reder, Rebecca Hammermüller
Producer(s) Sophia Hochedlinger