The documentary film RAW CHICKS.BERLIN shows eleven multi-faceted portraits of international Berlin-based female music producers. The musical spectrum ranges from experimental to noise-based electronic and electroacoustic music. The film gives us chance to glance behind the curtain of Berlin’s versatile and vivid contemporary music scene. In a sense, RAW CHICKS. BERLIN is also a film about the possibilities that the creative melting pot offers to artists from all over the world – from Italy, Poland, France, Croatia, Japan, the Czech Republic, Israel, Spain, and Germany.

Director's Biography
BEATE KUNATH, born in 1967, is a German filmmaker and visual artist. For the semi-documentary debut film Forbidden Fruit, Kunath and her co-directors Yvonne Zückmantel and Sue Maluwa Bruce received several awards, among them the Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival 2001. In 2012, Kunath co-initiated the RAW CHICKS video art party series at RAW Tempel Club in Berlin. // Films (selection): Forbidden Fruit (2000, doc), … geradezu heraus. Irmtraud Morgner in Chemnitz (2008, doc), On This Same Day (2013, doc), RAW CHICKS.BERLIN (2017, doc)
European Panorama Documentary 2017
Beate Kunath
Germany 2017
105 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Beate Kunath
Editing Beate Kunath
Sound/Sounddesign Sebastian Reuter
Music Janoshi
With Anna Bolena, electr°cute/Singing Kitchen, Ercklentz Neumann, Kritzkom, Ksen./Tomislav, Kyoka, Hithertoo, MimiCof/Midori Hirano, Rona Geffen, Silnaye, Ziúr
Producer(s) Beate Kunath ([bi:kei] productions, DE)
[bi:kei] productions Kieselhausenstraße 23F 09117 Chemnitz Germany info@b-k-productions.de www.b-k-productions.de
International Premiere
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
International Premiere