ReMine, El Último Movimiento Obrero

ReMine, the Last Working Class Movement

What if the labor movement emerged during the industrial revolution was still alive and awakened to fight the worst economic crisis? 4.000 miners go on an indefinite strike against the historic cuts imposed by Spanish government. Protest to call the government's attention begin: dozens of roadblocks, stay-downs, pitched battles in pit villages, rallies, demonstrations, “The Black March on Madrid” (five hundred kilometers). Protests are ignored by the government but attract the support of the “Women of the Coal”, neighbors, and millions of workers in Spain, fuelling class mobilizations in a country battered and worn down by policies of public austerity. But nothing is as before, not even the representatives of the last working class movement.

Director's Biography
Marcos Martínez Merino, born in 1973, is a Spanish scriptwriter and documentary filmmaker. His recent work, the short documentary A NOITE É NECESÁRIA, has been shown at several international film festivals, such as the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. REMINE, THE LAST WORKING CLASS MOVEMENT is Merino’s first feature film. It premiered and was awarded at the Seville European Film Festival in 2014. // Films (selection): REMINE, EL ÚLTIMO MOVIMIENTO OBRERO (ReMine, the Last Working Class Movement, 2014, doc), A NOITE É NECESÁRIA (2014, short doc)
European Panorama 2015
Marcos Martínez Merino
Spain 2014
101 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Marcos M. Merino
Editing Ana Pfaff
Sound/Sounddesign Óscar de Ávila
With Vincenzo Acerenza, Fabio Bottaferla, Luigi Esposito, Massimo Merlo, INNSE Milan workers and supporters
Producer(s) Marta F. Crestelo
Marta F. Crestelo