Renate P.

In this year’s CROSSING EUROPE festival trailer entitled RENATE P., two portholes stare into the distance from inside a cargo ship named Renate P. The distance only becomes discernible through the movements of the ship, making the curtains dance and the horizon sway. That is similar to what a festival does: it takes its audience on a journey, letting them look from the inside to the outside world, it moves the audience and gives them new points of view and changes the horizon of their perception. The noises of the ship represent the diversity of the festival programme and move – just like the festival audience – from the inside to the outside. Suddenly, we are outside, surrounded by the sound of the sea and then the radio message takes us back into the ship. Renate P. is asked “What is your destiny?” Each person in the festival audience will have to answer this question for themselves.

Festivaltrailer · Local Artists 2016
Jola Wieczorek
Austria / Spain 2016
1 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Jola Wieczorek
Cinematography Jola Wieczorek
Sound/Sounddesign Matías Nadal
powered by Energie AG Oberösterreich