Rogori Ikho Otakhi

How the Room Felt

In the Georgian city of Kutaisi, a local women’s football club constitutes the heart of a group of female and non-binary queer people, who get together regularly to hang out, to party, to hug each other, and to discuss existential issues. Ketevan Kapanadze doesn’t engage in cheap sentiment in this, her debut film. Neither does she put any particular emphasis on the hostile outside world—although it’s never far away. Her shots focusing on individual women are interspersed with observational scenes of the group as a whole. The director’s camera skims the outer walls of this protective bubble, making palpable the extraordinary atmosphere between the women in this room—as the mood shifts from celebratory and elated, to intimate and lethargic, to lively with debate. (

Director's Filmography (Selection)
How the Room Felt (2021, doc) - Lala, the Car Mechanic (2019, doc short) - Serving the Homeland (2018, doc short)
Competition Documentary 2022
Ketevan Kapanadze
Georgia 2021
74 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Ketevan Kapanadze
Editing Eka Tsotsoria
Sound/Sounddesign Paata Godziashvili
Producer(s) Salomé Jashi
Jashi Film
World Sales
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
IDFA 2021