Sanatorium Druschba

Sanatorium Druzhba

An utopian modernist building on the Crimean peninsula is the starting point to delve into the relationship between Russia and Ukraine, one that now requires treatment.

Director's Biography
Harald Hund (*1967, Grieskirchen, Upper Austria) works with video, photography and sculpture. His works depict humans under absurd circumstances and they revolve around the topic of utopias gone wrong, science fiction vs. normality and altered gravitational forces. They are shown both in exhibitions and film festivals.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Sanatorium Druschba (Sanatorium Druzhba, 2021, mid-length doc) - Train of Time (2019, short) - Iranium (2017, short) - Empire of Evil (2016, short; CE'16) - In the Woods (2013, short; CE'14) - Mouse Palace (2010, short; CE'11) - Dropping Furniture (2008, short; CE'11) - All People Is Plastic (2005, short; CE'06)
Local Artists 2022
Harald Hund
Austria 2021
44 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Harald Hund
Cinematography Harald Hund
Editing Harald Hund
Sound/Sounddesign Ursula Winterauer
Music Ursula Winterauer
Producer(s) Harald Hund
Hund Films
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2022