Schnelles Geld

Easy Money

Anyone who frequents shopping streets and underground stations is more and more often accosted by young people begging for money or cigarettes. The protagonists of this film have declared the Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna to be their working and living space. Since this street connects the place where I live with the places where I work and go in my free time, I have met them again and again. (Sabine Deflinger)

Local Artists 2004
Sabine Derflinger
Austria 2004
83 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Sabine Derflinger
Cinematography Astrid Heubrandtner
Editing Bernhard Pötscher
Bernhard Pötscher Filmproduktion Heumühlgasse 6/11 1040 Wien T +43 1 5864598