Science Fiction

At a motivation seminar, the smart instructor Marius comes up against an awkward participant. Jörg Karsunke, an entrepreneur from the eastern part of Germany, simply refuses to understand the straight-forward principles of mental syntax. But then the metaphors of the seminar turn into reality. Jörg and Marius are stuck together in a surreal parallel universe.

Competition Fiction 2004
Franz Müller
Germany 2003
112 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Franz Müller
Cinematography Frederik Walker
Editing Sean Coffey, Barbara Hoffmann, Franz Müller, Dirk
Music Tobias Ellenberg
With Arved Birnbaum, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Nicole Marischka, Heidi Ecks, Thomas Wittmann, Siegfried Effenberger
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