The film traces the question of how art is created and takes the audience on an associative journey through the mind of an artist. The viewers take part in a search for clues, the hunt for hits, the confrontation with politics and the stony path of continuous work. Elements of thriller, adventure film and action cinema from European cinema as well as from Hollywood cinema are cited, while remaining committed to the documentation of artistic processes.

Director's Filmography (Selection)
SHASH INSIDE (2022, mid-length) - Sparkle of Inspiration (2016, doc; CE'16) - Texta In & Out (2014, doc; CE’14) - Love Signs (2010; CE ’11) - Leben ohne Fassade (Life Without Facade, 2009, doc; CE’10)
Local Artists 2022
Dieter Strauch
Austria 2021
52 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Dieter Strauch, Christian Ghahremanian, Fabian Holzinger, Angelika Katzinger
Cinematography Jakob Kaiser
Editing Dieter Strauch
Music Christian Ghahremanian, Fabian Holzinger
With Lena Banner, Christian Scharrer, Antonia Schweighofer, Christine Schuligoj, Flora Punzer, Patrick Ljuboja, Leonie Engler-Loibl,Katja Pitenko, Tom Pohl
Producer(s) Jakob Kaiser, Dieter Strauch
Kaiserfilm, VeryVary Filmproduction, KaiserLights, Shash Records, Mediensalon
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2022