Shemtkhveviti paemnebi

Blind Dates

Sandro, a single high school teacher in his forties, still lives with his parents. Together with his childhood friend Iva they spend their leisure time dating women online. While these rendez-vous usually end up without any results, everything changes when Sandro meets the married Manana who quickly conquers his heart. Everything goes well until her husband gets out of jail ... “Wrong conclusions and misunderstandings are the driving force of this melancholy comedy, in which everyone meddles with everything but no one really listens, which only leads to yet further confusion.” (Berlinale)

Director's Biography
Levan Koguashvili, born 1973 in Tbilisi, Georgia, studied Film Directing at the Russian State University of Cinematography in Moscow. He completed the Graduate Film Program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts before studying Film Production at the Georgian State University of Theater and Cinema in Tbilisi in 2007. After making several short films he directed his first feature film KUCHIS DGEEBI (Street Days) in 2010. SHEMTKHVEVITI PAEMNEBI (Blind Dates, 2013) is his second feature. It premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2013 and screened at the 64th Berlinale.
European Panorama Fiction 2014
Levan Koguashvili
Georgia 2013
97 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Boris Frumin, Levan Koguashvili (in cooperation with Andro Sakvarelidze)
Cinematography Tato Kotetishvili
Editing Nodar Nozadze
Sound/Sounddesign Nika Paniashvili, Niko Jobava, Irakli Ivanishvili
With Andro Sakvarelidze, Ia Sukhitashvili, Archil Kikodze, Vakhtang Chachanidze, Kakhi Kavsadze, Marina Kartsivadze, Marika Antadze, Sopho Gvritishvili, Jano Izoria, Marlen Egutia, Levan Glonti, Sopho Shakarishvili
Millimeter Film Production Akhmeteli Street, 10a 0137 Tbilisi Georgia T +90 212 287 19 49