Skippin Thru Tarka T.O. - Abby Lee Tee

Skippin Thru Tarka T.O. by Abby Lee Tee sets the nature novel “Tarka the Otter” from 1927 to music. Based on the book, the music video by System Jaquelinde shows the life of two otters in 2015. The two graceful protagonists live separated from the wilderness in an artificial habitat.

Director's Biography
SYSTEM JAQUELINDE arbeitet an der Schnittstelle von analoger und digitaler Kunst. // Filme (Auswahl): Bust a Move (2007), Matilda (2008; CE ’09), The Princess (2012; CE ’13), Decrypted – Listen to Leena (2015; CE’16), Skippin Thru Tarka T.O. – Abby Lee Tee (2015)
Local Artists 2016
System Jaquelinde
Austria 2015
3 minutes
Content notes