Sobre El Cielo

Over El Cielo

A road trip in a remote part of Western Europe: a woman and a man meet in the expansive landscape of the Canary Islands and travel on together; an older man living in a trailer attempts to communicate with the universe (or with himself). “Another world is possible” is written on the wreck of a ship lying on the coast. One rarely feels at home. (Dominik Tschütscher)

Director's Biography
JORGE QUINTELA, born in 1981, graduated in photography and audiovisual arts from the Escola Superior Artística do Porto. Since 2004, he regularly works as a director of photography for short and long feature films. In 2010, Quintela directed his first documentary film and has since realized four short films. His debut feature film is in the making.
Cinema Next Europe 2016
Jorge Quintela
Portugal 2015
35 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Pedro Bastos
Cinematography Paulo Abreu
Editing Jorge Quintela, Rodrigo Areias
Producer(s) Rodrigo Areias (Bando à Parte, PT)
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere

gemeinsam mit / together with
(Programm / Program ALIENS)