Stand Your Ground | Steh deine Frau

Stand Your Ground

Union Kleinmünchen stands out as a founding member and eight-time champion of the Women's Bundesliga. Despite its success, media coverage is limited. Interviews since summer 2021 with key figures like Christine Holzmüller (club stalwart and chairwoman), Katharina Meßthaler (captain), and Almedina Šišić (U19 team player) reveal the club's overlooked story. These insights highlight the daily challenges within this family-run club, the journey back to the field after injuries, and the ongoing struggle for recognition and gender equality in the male-dominated football landscape.

Director's Biography
Dominik Thaller (*1983) lives and works in Linz as a filmmaker, media artist, radio producer, and social worker with socially disadvantaged youths. As a filmmaker, he runs his own production company, Zack Prack Productions.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Stand Your Ground | Steh deine Frau (Stand Your Ground, 2024, doc) - muto (2018, doc short; CE19) - Immer wieder geht die Sonne auf (Again and Again the Sun Rises, 2017, doc; CE18)
Local Artists 2024
Dominik Thaller
Austria 2023
76 minutes
OV with English subtitles

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Screenplay Dominik Thaller
Cinematography Eugen Dickinger, Elmar Eisenberger, Elena Richtsfeld, Daniela Huber, Daniel Stimmeder, Dominik Thaller
Editing Dominik Thaller
Sound/Sounddesign Philipp Feichtinger
With Christine Holzmüller, Katharina Meßthaler, Almedina Šišić
Producer(s) Daniela Huber, Wolfgang Klepatsch
Filmdosis, Zack Prack Productions
Additional Credits
Alenka Maly | Daniel Stimmeder | Raffael Portugal
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2024