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I always wanted to make a “generation movie”, that is a film about young people with lots of music in it. Hip-Hop was the latest craze for the young people of my generation. So I decided to make a film about things associated with youth: young love, youth problems, the dreams of youth, and youth music. But I also wanted to make a film that young people could identify with, a film that was authentic and not dreamt up by old men. That then immediately created problems with securing the funding and with the decrepit structures. Just imagine me going to a TV station and saying, “I’d like to make a film with about a hundred dope-smoking Hip-Hoppers, none of whom has ever acted before...“ (Till Hastreiter)

Competition Fiction 2004
Till Hastreiter
Germany / Switzerland 2004
123 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Till Hastreiter
Cinematography Tamás Keményffy
Editing Till Hastreiter
Music Pflegerlounge, DJ b.side, krutsch, u.a.
With Sera Finale, Yan Eq, Jamie, Pepi, Sässion, Yesim, DJ Quest, Codeak, Vern, Storm, 5 Amoks und 111 weiteren
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