A pictorial theme that has interested me for some time is the diptych. It is actually a filmic motif: two interrelated pictures result in the original form of the film. In this work I wanted to establish a close connection between painting, graphics and film, not only through the choice of the means I use, but also by integrating the place, where my pictures are usually created. The continuous shot of a tour through my studio results in the color dramaturgy in real time: the color changes when entering a new space. The second part of the diptych consists of work photos from the last three years. All of this is superimposed with many layers of animated drawing. A condensation that is repeated at the sound level: repeatedly superimposed noises, as they are made by drawing, indicate that drawing is not only an optical, but also a haptic and acoustic process. (Thomas Steiner)

Local Artists 2004
Thomas Steiner
Austria 2003
7 minutes