Šta ja znam

What do I know

In and around a house love stories intertwine. One leads to another. The ghosts of love are left behind to seek the answers to the same question: ‘What do I know about love?’ The story was written as a memento to other people’s loves that I have not witnessed. The house in the story is real. (Šejla Kamerić)

Sejla Kameric
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007
15 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Šejla Kameric
Cinematography Vladimir Trivic
Editing Timur Makarevic
Music Dušan Vranic
With Dilka Buljina, Nermina Buljina, Aldijana Suljic, Emir Lilic, Tarik Lagumdžija, Nermin Zvizdic, Ana Luna Vranic Džeba
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