The Beauty of Becoming

THE BEAUTY OF BECOMING is a documentary essay that follows, inhabits and embodies the way of looking at four women artists, while they become fictional characters throughout the film. From a first person perspective, the filmmaker tells who these women are and what they do, yet they remain undefined, fragmented and blurry.

Director's Biography
Sara Piñeros is a filmmaker and photographer born in Bogotá, Colombia, and currently based in Vienna. Her practice encompasses various documentary forms, such as essay film, video diary, epistolary film, and street photography. In her current works, Sara assembles amateur archival footage and fictional elements in order to construct a new discourse and meaning. Her film THE BEAUTY OF BECOMING was produced with financial support from the Province of Upper Austria and the City of Linz.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
The Beauty of Becoming (2023, mid-length doc) - mein eigenes Bild (My own image, 2022, short) - we are like plants seeking the light (2020; CE21) - El ruido de fondo (Background Noise, 2019) - Espacios imaginarios (Imaginary Spaces, 2017)
Local Artists 2024
Sara Piñeros
Austria / Colombia 2023
60 minutes
OV with English subtitles

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Film guest(s) present: Amanda Burzić (Actor), Karin Thomanek (Actor)

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Screenplay Sara Piñeros
Cinematography Sara Piñeros
Editing Juan Carlos Sánchez
Sound/Sounddesign Alejandro Quiñones, Blazej Kotowski
Music Blazej Kotowski
With Amanda Burzić, Juanita Ortega, Maria Hurtado, Yoh Morishita, Karin Thomanek
Producer(s) Sara Piñeros, Sabina Piñeros
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
MIDBO 2023, Bogotá, Colombia