The Missing Piece of the Road Puzzle

A street full of markings, signs and lights starts from a dirt road and ends again, as suddenly as it began, in the same. So completely out of place, the everyday element “street” becomes a puzzle. The encounter with this apostate piece of infrastructure is the origin of our work: a journey by car that starts in Gapyong, South Korea, and ends in nowhere.

Director's Biography
SIMEN GODTFREDSEN, geb. 1987 in Oslo (Norwegen), lebt und studiert in Malmö (Schweden).

JAESUK HUH, geb. 1984 in Südkorea, lebt und arbeitet in Seoul. // Filme (Auswahl): DESIRE (2010), THE LIGHT DANCE (2011)

STEFAN TIEFENGRABER, geb. 1981, lebt, arbeitet und studiert in Linz. // Filme (Auswahl): HOFBERG HOFGASSE (2011/12), KÜSSE ANNA (2012), THE MISSING PIECE OF THE ROAD PUZZLE (2012)
Local Artists 2013
Simen Godtfredsen
Austria 2012
11 minutes
without dialogue
Content notes