The Swedish Theory of Love

Sweden is typically portrayed as having a perfectly organized society, a role model, an example of the highest human achievements. But: Is this true? The film digs deeper into a society that has created the most autonomous people in the world. In a perfectly organized society everyone has equal opportunities for an independent existence – one downside is that people don’t need to ask anyone else for help or favors. Half the population lives in single households, and more and more women are choosing for single motherhood through artificial insemination. Meanwhile, the number of people dying alone is continually on the rise.

Director's Biography
ERIK GANDINI, born in 1967, is a Swedish-Italian film director, writer, and producer. His award-winning documentaries include widely acclaimed Videocracy, which also won the CROSSING EUROPE Award for Best Documentary in 2010. // Films (selection): Sarajevogänget (Raja Sarajevo, 1994), Amerasians (1998, doc), Tupamaros i Färingtofta (2000, doc), Sacrificio (2001, doc), Surplus (2003, doc), Gitmo (2006, doc), Videocracy (2009; CE ’10), The Swedish Theory of Love (2015, doc), Cosmopolitanism (2015, short doc)
European Panorama Documentary 2016
Erik Gandini
Sweden / Norway / Denmark 2015
76 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Erik Gandini
Cinematography Calle Nilsson, Vania Tegamelli
Editing Johan Söderberg
Music Johan Söderberg
Producer(s) Erik Gandini, Juan Pablo Libossart (Fasad Cine AB, SE), Sveriges Television AB (SE), Film Väst (SE), Indie Film (NO), Zentropa Entertainment (DK)
Fasad Cine AB Stora Nygatan 33 111 27 Stockholm Sweden
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
CPH:DOX 2015

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere