Tlo pod nogama

On Shaky Ground

When a father’s long-secret financial mistakes come to light, he becomes depressed. The family slides into a crisis and their stability disappears overnight. Against the background of the problematic property market in Split.

Director's Biography
Sonja Tarokić from Zagreb, born 1988, studied Fiction Film Directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art at the University of Zagreb. She has been presenting her short films at festivals since 2009. TLO POD NOGAMA won the Croatian Young Talent Prize at the Zagreb Film Festival 2014 and was shown in 2015 at the IFFR – International Film Festival Rotterdam. Sonja is working on her first feature-length film.
Cinema Next Europe 2015
Sonja Tarokić
Croatia 2014
29 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Sonja Tarokić
Cinematography Danko Vučinović
Editing Martin Semenčić
Producer(s) Isa Živanović