TRANSFORMATION plays with concealment and visual irritation. The setting is an abandoned 19th-century train station that lies beneath Glasgow's Botanic Gardens.

Director's Biography
Katharina Gruzei lives and works in Linz and Vienna. She is an independent artist in the media of photography, video, film, installation and art in public space. In her artistic work she devotes herself to socio-cultural themes.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Yaw (2019; CE'20) - Urban Reflectors (2019; CE'19) - Cinéma Variété (2012, CE'12 festival trailer) - Die ArbeiterInnen verlassen die Fabrik (2012; CE'12, CROSSING EUROPE Award - Local Artist 2012)
Local Artists 2023
Katharina Gruzei
Great Britain / Austria 2022
7 minutes
without dialogue
Cinematography Esther Ojo
Editing Katharina Gruzei
Sound/Sounddesign Lars Åkerlund
Producer(s) Katharina Gruzei
Additional Credits
Abiona Esther Ojo, Eginhartz Kanter
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2023
Content notes