Tremolo Non Troppo

A film about conquering the inner fear of failure in front of a rather hostile audience. The musical term “tremolo” describes a trembling or shivering effect used on bowed string instruments. In order to express this concept, the film's sound design is entirely created by the abstract use of original cello recordings and additional knife sounds.

Director's Biography
REMO RAUSCHER, geb. 1984 in Kufstein, lebt und arbeitet als freier Animationskünstler und Filmschaffender in Linz. // Filme (Auswahl):EIN TISCH IST EIN TISCH (2009; CE '10), THE STREETS OF THE INVISIBLES (2011), Crossing Europe Festival Trailer 2012

LUCYNA KOLENDO, geb. 1988 in Danzig, studierte an der Kunstuniversität Linz und der Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.
Local Artists 2013
Remo Rauscher
Austria / Poland 2012
2 minutes
without dialogue