Tuscany Dream - Hikee Bikini

Love, dream and die. A musical interpretation of a series of murders. A touch of catwalk. Behind plastic, in front of wallpaper. A journey through time. Blood at the end.

Director's Biography
Stefan Mayerhofer, who is based in Linz, orchestrates his pictures with overstatement. He works as a photographer, director and producer. Occupied mainly with commercial photo and film production.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Tuscany Dream - Hikee Bikini (2021) - Bubble - Hikee Bikini (2019; CE'20) - Amazing - Gospel Dating Service (2018, with Felix Sturmberger; CE'19)
Local Artists 2022
Stefan Mayerhofer, Florian Schwarz
Austria 2021
3 minutes
Music Video
Screenplay Stefan Mayerhofer
Cinematography Florian Schwarz
Editing Florian Schwarz
Music Hikee Bikini
Producer(s) Stefan Mayerhofer