Youlian Tabakov's Bulgarian grandmother Tzvetanka Gosheva was born in 1926, as the daughter of a rich merchant’s family. She was able to attend a privileged school in Sofia, but this bourgeois background became her downfall after the war. Her parents were imprisoned as enemies of the party; her father would never recover from this. By sheer luck she managed to get permission to go to university, where she became a doctor. Even though she suffered a lot of humiliation and obstruction in her work and would have had opportunities to go abroad in the hard times of the country, she stayed and survived. In imaginative and surprising images, Tabakov tells the story of a tough woman, involving us in her unique, own view of things.

Director's Biography
YOULIAN TABAKOV, born 1975 in Bulgaria, studied Set Design at the National Art Academy ‘N. Pavlovich’ in Sofia and Fine Art at ENS des Beaux-Arts in Paris. The then worked as a set designer at several theaters in Bulgaria, Russia and Sweden. Tabakov also did some solo and group exhibitions, designed fashion collections and was awarded the ‘Golden age’ award 2011 for contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture. His first documentary TZVETANKA (2012) was selected for the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival and DOK Leipzig in 2012.
European Panorama Documentary 2013
Youlian Tabakov
Sweden / Bulgaria 2012
66 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Youlian Tabakov
Cinematography Adam Nilsson
Editing Nina Altaparmakova, Adam Nilsson, Youlian Tabakov, Johan Söderberg
Sound/Sounddesign Valeriya Popova
Music Rikard Borggård
Gnufilm Högbergsgatan 31 C 116 20 Stockholm Sweden T +46 70 756 23 03